1. roses really smell like poo.

    in san pedro, ca. 

  2. this is my backyard.

  3. damonies:

    Spoilers for how it happened in the books.

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  4. charleskinbote:

    cringes here’s a comic I guess

    everything freaks me out and everyone is lonely

    Hotdamn jenny. hotdamn.

  5. theatlantic:

    In Focus: Afghanistan Seen Through the Lens of Anja Niedringhaus

    Niedringhaus, a photographer with the Associated Press, was shot and killed by an Afghan policeman. Fellow reporter Kathy Gannon was also wounded.


  6. cdawgdraws:

    Hey my friends just dropped their ep, and it’s really good. If you like punk, Struckout’s doing something really interesting here, so please listen! Also I made the album art and other stuff for these guys. Please support! You Are Not Good At This by Struckout

  7. fileacomplaint:

    Have I posted this flyer up yet?  No?  Who said I’m bad at promoting?

    By Jenny Yu.

  8. cdawgdraws:

    MORE SECRET SHOWS!! These bands are all super good AND they’re lovely people.

    message for the address

  9. mydrunkkitchen:

    Lupita’s speech gave us all the feelz. Espesh Benny Cumberbatch. #oscars2014

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  10. lantern festival,

    chinese american museum in los angeles, california.

  11. bozoe

  14. the most badass building

    in los angeles, california.

  15. dog beach,

    in long beach, california.